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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nausea, bloated, gassy, tired...

and achy boobs... those are my symptoms now! and I'm thrilled... I didn't have nausea with my past pregnancies, so I take it to be a good sign this time around. I haven't yet thrown up... and I have learned that the longer I go without food, the worse the nausea is... But food, in general, sounds gross. I have also lost my sweet tooth. My mind says "yum, dessert" but if I put in in my mouth, it doesn't taste great and my stomach doesn't want it. I totally am craving salty things--cheese especially... but I did one of those blood pressure machines at CVS and it came back really high 130/92 or something. I usually have really good blood pressure. So now I'm limiting my sodium.

I am lucky because I can work from home two days a week. I admire everyone out there that is pregnant and working full-time at an office and I admire all the moms out there, taking care of little children. I feel like a lug. (I think I made up that word). All I want to do is lie around and sleep. I get exhausted by 4pm and need to nap... But then if I do nap, I have trouble falling asleep. I can't imagine trying to watch and run after little children, or being on my feet all day at work, or being at an office where I don't have my own office and can hide behind my big computer and zone out when things get too intense.

Plus the nights aren't so great. I wake up three-five times to pee and I'm bloated and gassy. The one weird thing/good thing is all the sex dreams and sleep orgasms I have been having. The bad thing is, when I wake up, the sex drive is gone and sometimes I get slight cramping after the sleep orgasm. Weird!!!

I also feel like I constantly have a grimace on my face. I have this constant knot in my stomach nausea feeling. Kind of similar to the feeling when you are really hungover and you want to throw up, but can't. As a result, I feel like I am walking around with this look like "I'm about to throw up." all the time. Sometimes I'll burp and a bit of stomach acid will come up, but no full blown throw up yet...

I heard morning sickness peaks at 9 weeks... so I have one more week to go till its the worst... then hopefully it will get better. But I would take throwing up every day if it resulted in a healthy baby.

Tomorrow is my second ultrasound. I am nervous but hopeful that this time things will work out.

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